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Sue McGill, Head of Innovation

Sue has spent her career operating from both Silicon Valley and Toronto, playing key roles in launching companies in international markets as well as building product, engineering, and corporate development capabilities at both publicly traded and privately held organizations. For the past two+ years she has been architecting the vision and strategy for ATB's Innovation Lab and driving execution across a product portfolio of emerging lines of businesses.

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ATB Ventures, Innovation Lab

ATB Ventures began in 2018 with the foresight to realize how the convergence of data and industry-leading technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, would revolutionize the way we live and work..

The ubiquity of the internet and mobile computing platforms have created structural advantages for today’s industry leaders, we believe that the convergence of these emerging technologies will result in entirely new types of businesses, defensive moats and collaborations, all driven by trust.

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Siobhan Owen, Brand & Content Strategist

Siobhan started out in content marketing over eight years ago and has since grown her career through a variety of roles at ATB Financial, most recently as the brand and content strategist for ATB Ventures. Passionate about story telling, brand growth, and female empowerment & leadership, Siobhan is on a journey to chase learning and growth opportunities from new fields and disciplines - and always with her pug on her lap.

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Chandra Rink, Sr. Product Strategist

Chandra Rink works as a Product Strategist, primarily focused on the merging of AI & Data into Products and Experiences. The unique capabilitiy of finding personalization (through the power of data and AI) allows Chandra to leverage her experience in business to deliver technology-enabled systems with a narrow focus: our customer, their needs, and aligning the teams required to deliver. The ability to work on meaningful products, with a diverse team, using exponential technologies - is a perfect balance of where Chandra thrives: learning, enabling, and proving out solutions.

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Miranda Mantey, UX Foresight Strategist

Miranda Mantey is an experienced researcher, foresight practitioner, and strategist with a passion for learning and all things pertaining to the future. This thirst for knowledge is what led her to her position as Strategy and Foresight Analyst at ATB Financial, where she spends her time monitoring international trends to advise projects and innovation strategy.

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Erin Iverson, Director of Strategy & Operations

For the past two years, Erin has led the Strategy & Operations team at ATB Ventures - where she continually connects the dots between the innovation strategy, execution, organizational enablement practices, and people enablement programming. Erin is small-town raised and a firm believer in bringing fun into day-to-day work - whether that be through her carefully curated Spotify playlists, team celebrations, or impromptu coffee chats.

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Delivering trusted experiences

Our definition of value extends beyond financial success to include growing inclusivity and how well people thrive in our digital world. Grounded in our core values, we know that building products that people love and trust is the only way to deliver sustainable value.