Alberta’s open identity initiative

Alberta’s open identity initiative

November 24, 2020

ATB mobilized the Open Identity Initiative with best in class organizations from across Alberta (and Canada) to explore identification and what owning one's sovereign self could look like in the age of the digital self. Identification is radically changing the way we interact with the world as citizens are expecting new ways of managing the digital self. In an effort to bring control back to the individual consumer we are creating an environment where Self-Sovereign Identity can and will thrive. With a new Open ID ecosystem we will unlock a comprehensive suite of new experiences that will make all of users’ lives more secure, streamlined, and hassle-free.

The State of Digital Identity Today Trust is a fundamental source of social and economic capital. This is called into question when interactions that define the traits and identify of one person are spread across a constellation of digital applications and devices. Furthermore, every organization that a consumer interacts with must store and secure their customer information across multiple databases. These data repositories become fragmented and highly vulnerable to identity theft and attack - putting both citizens and the institutions that hold thatdata at risk. A self-sovereign identity system will reduce these risks and catalyze a safe, inclusive identity system for all.

Collaboration at the Core of a Global, Self-Sovereign Identity System Alberta’s Open Identity Initiative is led by a consortium of multi-sector organizations forming public-private partnerships to advance the future of a trusted, inclusive decentralized identity system. The potential for trusted interactions is now possible through technologies like blockchain - enabling consumers and organizations to exchange and trust identity and other valuable credentials seamlessly and securely. By working together and through common goals, open platforms and shared principles, we can make this a reality for all individuals..,Alberta’s Open Identity Initiative is a community of trailblazers who are at the forefront of the rapidly growing self sovereign identity movement.

As a member of Alberta’s Open ID initiative: Bringing Self-Sovereign Digital Identity to Alberta, Canada and the world.

The Power of Partnerships - Member Benefits Founded in 2019 , Alberta’s Open Identity Initiative is a community of trailblazers who are at the forefront of the rapidly growing self sovereign identity movement. As a member of Alberta’s Open ID initiative:

MARKET MAKER Collaborate alongside other forward thinking organizations that are driving adoption and developing a range of self-sovereign digital identity use cases.

PRACTICAL & EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Rapidly prototype and iterate a tailored solution, with hands-on expert technical, regulatory, and business help. Access decentralized identity software from Evernym (but not limited to this stack), based on open.

EARLY-ACCESS TO LEADING TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY Use the latest standards and true system interoperability.

PILOT PARTICIPATION Engage employees and community into member pilots.

Guiding Principles Alberta’s Open Identity Initiative and its projects are guided by these principles:

TRUST Creating a foundation (technology and governance) that enables a trusted exchange of credentials, between organizations and with individuals.

CITIZEN CHOICE & EMPOWERMENT Empowering Albertans with the ability to manage their identity and credentials, choose who they interact with, and how they use their credentials - including the networks/ apps used to manage them.

PRIVACY-BY-DEFAULT Embracing the spirit and intent of privacy and security through our decisions and actions. We commit to the highest standards of privacy and ethics with respect to the management of user data through governance, selective and informed consent and disclosure.

OPEN AND INTEROPERABLE Working towards a future state of choice and scalability through encouraging interoperability, use of open source technology, open standards and networks.

INCLUSION Empowering all Albertans through open dialogue and system design to not create limitations to broad adoption, in a friction-less and convenient way.

Interested in joining the movement?

Please contact: Raseel Sehmi Director, Business Development & Partnerships | ATB Innovation

Founding Members: ATB, Evernym, Government of Alberta, Telus, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Alberta Blue Cross, University of Calgary, and the City of Edmonton & Calgary.

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