Miranda Mantey

World War Contagion

January 12, 2021

We are facing another war—not with an enemy that is dividing the world, but a pandemic that is uniting us. What will it mean for our future when the biggest war in recent years wasn't fought with an enemy nation but within our borders?

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Scenarios of 2030+

August 25, 2020

Strategic foresight and scenario planning is the discipline of uncovering and analyzing the nuances of potential future outcomes in order to better equip businesses to recognize and adapt to unprecedented change. The scenarios outline the impacts of key uncertainties and they help scenario participants confront their personal blindspots in how they believe the path ahead will be laid out.

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What is Scenario Planning and Foresight?

August 18, 2020

Corporate foresight and scenario planning is the discipline of developing the details of various potential future realities so businesses can better react to changes within markets and technologies. Scenario planning works by identifying factors central to changing economies and helps scenario participants recognize and confront their preconceptions related to how they believe the future will unfold.

Underlying assumptions critical to the success of scenario planning include: multiple futures are possible; change (also known as “drivers”) can be identified and studied; and the future can be influenced. This methodology can contribute to multiple verticals of an organization such as risk management, corporate development, innovation, and strategy.

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