Tech is in our DNA

Creating growth at the edges

Over the past decades, digital technologies have changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Since the emergence of web, mobile, and cloud computing, the pace of progress has been accelerating - bringing more powerful technologies sooner than we could imagine.

The next big thing.

Today, the convergence of data, artificial intelligence and quantum is revolutionizing the way we live, work, and play. As in the case of all great technology, each has the power to do great good and great harm; we’ve already seen how the ubiquity of the internet and mobile has created structural advantages for a powerful few.

Delivering trusted experiences

Our definition of value extends beyond financial success to include growing inclusivity and how well people thrive in our digital world. Grounded in our core values, we know that building products that people love and trust is the only way to deliver sustainable value.


A verifiable credential issuance and exchange platform to suit the needs of our ever-evolving reality and improve digital interactions between companies and their customers.


Using verifiable digital credentials, proof makes it possible to collect and share portable, borderless, and encrypted virtual identifiers.


Data holds a mirror up to our experiences, our economy, and our world. Open Data within OpenATB is a community-driven, open-source resource leveraged by technical builders to create meaningful tailored solutions to the world’s most challenging problems.


Open ATB is a multi faceted data platform for developers and data scientists to securely connect their customers to the data that matters most to them. Our API Sandbox allows you to quickly access our data catalogue and test your product applications with our cross-industry data catalogue.

Humans of 2030+

It would be impossible to build meaningful and trusted foundations for our future digital life without putting humans at the center of our work. As a team that is driving next-generation products and services, we believe that it is our responsibility to understand people’s preferences, concerns, attitudes, and wishes surrounding the future, and utilize these insights at the heart of work.

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Pat. Pend.

Our patent-pending trusted AI solution was created to identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor the ethical dimensions in AI usage, ensuring ATB leads by example in the ethical deployment of emerging technology.


Skills required for architecting the future remain at the top of enterprise narratives across the world. The Venture’s Neuronet anonymously showcases team members’ skill sets in emerging technologies to categorize the strength of the collective through the sum of its parts.

In development

We’re in stealth mode, working on thesis projects in our secret spy lab. Curiosity never actually killed the cat so join the waitlist to be the first in the know about our top secret projects.

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Federated Learning

What if you could get personalized AI without your data leaving your phone?


What if you could exponentially decrease the time to create your API endpoints?