As ATB Financial (ATB) increases its investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) via operations and products, it is committed to translating ATB values and principles into the decision-making processes and optimizations of AI. AI presents considerable opportunities to better serve customers, but it also encompasses particularly intricate challenges to value-based decision-making because it introduces complexity, uncertainty, and scale. These features mean that harm is more challenging to evaluate and pre-empt, and that even the smallest decision may have a large long-term effect that is difficult to detect and fix. We are investing in the opportunity AI presents to enhance customer experiences. The intent with this work is to build our capacities to: identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor the ethical dimensions in AI uptake - ensuring ATB leads by example in the ethical deployment of emerging technology.

Artificial Intelligence may be the biggest and most disruptive technology advancements we see in our lifetimes. The power and reach of Machine Learning is rapidly expanding into many areas of ATB Financial and Albertans’ daily lives. Long-term sustainability in the financial and technological markets are predicated on the value of trust. In nurturing that trust, our opportunity with the ‘Leap Turing Box’, is to establish a cadence of ethical design-thinking in our AI product development, ensure transparency in our decision-making and models, and create evidence for policy makers at ATB to utilize in their commitments of mitigating ethical risks in emerging technologies. This combination (of systems and methods) is designed to operationalize ethical dimensions and principles into said emerging technologies, specifically Machine Learning and other AI Systems.

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