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We’re not Silicon Valley. We’re not Google X. We’re not the first place people imagine when they think about who is leading the next big wave of innovation. And that’s our advantage. We’ll work with laser focus in the margins until, suddenly, we’re at the heart of the conversation about global digital innovation. Because our bottom line is trust and all that it enables.

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We are focused on creating the foundations for the future of digital life. We see trust as a foundational thread that will weave through everything that we build by being unflinchingly set on building ventures that provide equal opportunity for all.

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Whether you’re interested in a strategic alliance, research collaboration, or co-development partnership, ATB Ventures is open to working with like-minded individuals looking to change the world.

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Developing the companies of tomorrow

Through our corporate venture capital team, we are staying at the forefront of innovation by channeling our domain knowledge and investment expertise into deep technology startups that help advance ATB's strategy.

At ATB, we know that it takes more than funding to build a company. We work with our portfolio companies, providing advice, and expertise to help them succeed.

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ATB Ventures' Oliu™ Partners with Government of Alberta for Seamless  Digital ID Verification

ATB Ventures' Oliu™ Partners with Government of Alberta for Seamless Digital ID Verification

March 28, 2024

ATB Ventures, the research and innovation arm of ATB Financial, today announced a collaboration between Oliu™, its digital trust platform, and the Government of Alberta. The collaboration will see Oliu™ further expand its identity verification capabilities, offering fast, efficient and secure verification for Albertans with an Alberta.ca Account.

Decoding Creativity Pt 2: Lessons from Pigeons and Humans

Decoding Creativity Pt 2: Lessons from Pigeons and Humans

August 24, 2023

In the second installment of our three-part blog series: "Decoding Creativity", we explore creativity through the research involving pigeons and humans. This blog introduces four behavioral traits for enhancing creativity, drawing lessons from the creative abilities observed in pigeons and advocating for a systematic approach to unlock individual creative potential.

Decoding Creativity Pt 1: The Origin of Creativity

Decoding Creativity Pt 1: The Origin of Creativity

August 3, 2023

Introducing the first installment of our three-part blog series: "Decoding Creativity". In part one: the origin of creativity, we explore the ever-evolving perspectives on creativity, spanning from ancient Greek civilization to the present day. Witness the remarkable transformation from the belief in divine inspiration to the recognition of individual genius, and explore the origins of creativity and its captivating evolution throughout history.


Notable firsts for ATB


First Canadian FI to become a Sovrin Steward.


First to launch biometrics for the underbanked in Canada.

Crypto banking

One of the first to offer a Cryptocurrency banking program for entrepreneurs in the industry.

Blockchain royalty contract

First to support an oil and gas company in executing a smart royalty contract on the blockchain.

Stood up AI lab

The ATB AI Lab kicked off with a partnership with the the University of Alberta to enable the business streams of: Automation, Augmentation, and Innovation.

Largest datathon in Alberta

Hosted Alberta's largest Datathon in Edmonton to deliver product-based solutions focused on our theme: Solve for Alberta, Solve for the World.

Investment in Radical Ventures

Invested in this fund in order to support numerous businesses in the space of disruptive technology.

Chair of Alberta Open Identity Consortium

Stood up the first consortium of multi - sector organizations in Alberta to advance the future of a trusted identity system.

First open finance hackathon

Elevated the conversation about open finance and demonstrated to Canadians the power and possibilities of APIs and open data within the banking industry.

First patent filing

The ATB Ventures Data team submitted a patent application for their work related to Trusted AI entitled: Systems & Methods of Mitigation Bias in Machine Learning Output.

Release of OpenATB platform

A digital platform providing developers and problem solvers with resources to design, build, and innovate for a future worth looking forward to.

First user application in app store beta

Launched our digital wallet in beta to the Apple app store.

Joined the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada

DIACC is a non-profit coalition of public and private sector leaders committed to developing a Canadian digital identification and authentication framework.