ATB Ventures' Oliu™ Partners with Government of Alberta for Seamless  Digital ID Verification

ATB Ventures' Oliu™ Partners with Government of Alberta for Seamless Digital ID Verification

March 28, 2024

CALGARY, AB – March 28, 2024 - ATB Ventures, the research and innovation arm of ATB Financial, today announced a collaboration between Oliu™, its digital trust platform, and the Government of Alberta. The collaboration will see Oliu™ further expand its identity verification capabilities, offering fast, efficient and secure verification for Albertans with an Account. Account, originally introduced in 2015, caters to individuals with a valid email address, while verified accounts, launched in 2017, are available to Alberta residents with a valid driver’s licence or identification card issued by the province. With over 3.5 million active accounts, 2.1 million verified accounts, and more than 1 million actively used accounts, the platform has become integral for Albertans accessing online government services, akin to presenting an ID card or driver’s licence in person.

Organisations using Oliu™’s digital trust platform will be able to enhance and streamline the identity verification process for Alberta-based customers, quickly onboarding those who have a verified Account. Customers choosing this method of identity verification when opening a new account with an organisation that has integrated the Oliu™ platform will be prompted to sign in to their existing Account. By doing so, their verified status is logged by the new service provider without copying the user’s personal information, ensuring a fast, efficient, and highly secure onboarding experience.

"This project empowers Albertans to choose how they want to identify themselves when accessing online services. It’s a great show of confidence that ATB is taking advantage of the secure Account to deliver value to its customers," Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation.

Adding customer identity verification using existing login credentials further expands the Oliu™ platform’s utility for its customers. Using Oliu™, organisations now have an even greater number of options to quickly and securely verify their customer’s identities resulting in seamless onboarding experiences.

"At ATB Financial, we are proud to partner on this initiative which aims to deliver a safer and more efficient online environment for Albertans. Enabling Albertans to leverage their verified Account for secure identity verification, enhances digital access while prioritising their privacy," stated Dan Hugo, Chief Financial and Strategy Officer at ATB Financial.

As a component of the collaboration with the Government of Alberta, Oliu™ completed a thorough PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) which was submitted to, and gained acceptance from, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (OIPC).


Oliu™ is a digital trust platform that makes it easy for businesses to issue, manage and verify digital credentials. Built on open (W3C) standards, it offers real-time layered identity verification, privacy and control over personal identity data, and protection against fraud and identity theft - all while enabling fast, efficient, and secure customer experiences. Oliu™ is the first Canadian company to achieve the PCTF certification through DIACC.

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