The Scenarios of 2030+: Scenario Archetypes Driven by Data

The Scenarios of 2030+: Scenario Archetypes Driven by Data

November 15, 2021

Strategic foresight and scenario planning is the discipline of uncovering and analyzing the nuances of potential future outcomes in order to better equip businesses to recognize and adapt to unprecedented change. The scenarios outline the impacts of key uncertainties and they help scenario participants confront their personal blindspots in how they believe the path ahead will be laid out.

Our scenarios were developed to explore beyond the bounds of possibilities not probabilities. In order to break out of our individual and collective blindspots surrounding the future, we aimed to map what could happen tomorrow, extended to extremes. We utilized the archetype scenario methodology to map out understandable, accessible, and usable future scenarios. We wanted to prioritize simplicity while pushing boundaries in order to open up our minds to uncomfortable and disagreeable potential realities.

Building out scenarios that reflect how markets evolve helps us understand an increasingly competitive future. Scenario participants are encouraged to embrace change, be flexible, and seize new opportunities.

Download our whitepaper to learn about our methodology and four scenarios: baseline, growth, decay, and new equilibrium.

Miranda Mantey